Kuih Muih

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

kuih muih

I just eaten all the colourful kuih muih. i haven been eating kuih muih long time ago, of all the kuihsss , “ANG KU” love the most. The reddish tortoise shape kuih. i do like to eat the kuih which has two colours which is green and white. The green part will be the sweet taste and the white part will be a bit salty . Taste so nice. One thing i don like the “HUAT KUIH” ,the pink colour one as you can see it from this photo, just don like the taste ans when you chew it does feel nice.It also reminds me when those day ,dad always stop by roadside to buy kuih muih, my dad love to eat too, like father like son. :)

New Nikon D90 Photos

Friday, October 16th, 2009

All this while I am using Sony A200. I have been using it for one and a half year and don quite like it. Recently I just jumped ship to Nikon. I bought myself a Nikon D90 with kit lens 18-105mm. It working perfectly and it really satisfied me .

Enjoy my photos. :) I will start a complete post for next entries.

Kong Kong’s Birthday

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Japanese Food!Here I come. I have been craving for Japanese food for like ages.I remember the last time I ate Japanese buffet was during my Birthday which was since March.I almost forgot how is my favorite salmon and Sashimi taste like!

I fetched my aunt and my grandpa up at the jetty.This was the first time fetching my aunt since I passed my Car test two months ago. The moment they got in to car I wish my kong kong happy birthday! as it was his birthday on that day and my aunt said I have grown up but my face are still a little boy.I was like oh no, you better be kidding uh! We then headed to E&O hotel. Mum wants me to try reverse parking as I am suck at it. After trying couples of time in and out finally my car was perfectly parked at the parking lot.

Nowadays I seldom take photos, very seldom take my camera out.The moment I walked in to the ground floor or should I say a short path way to the lobby and restaurant. I came across a lot old photograph which were all those British people .

I like the antic lamps on top there,very classy old looks.

This was the outside view of the restaurant. “SPARKIES CORNER”

This restaurant was designed as an old-England style. This was just from my perspective which gave me a different feeling from the previous hotel restaurant that I went. That day was crowded with people. Mostly they came with their familes member. I was busy taking photos of every section of different food corner. I saw a lot of Malay ladies worker when I first entered to the restaurant which I seldom see malays work in japanese restaurant. After that only we realized that weekdays are so dirt cheap , RM50 per pax. My cousin borrowed the membership card so we got discount.Weekdays they do not serve alcohol or wine so that is why so cheap which means they only serve during Saturday and Sunday.

Let me cam-whore finish first only eat okay? I practically taking photos for like 10 minutes non stop of portraits.

My cousin!

Happy birthday Kong Kong !

That is me with spectacles. I lazy to wear contact lens on that day.

My aunt

My Lovely Mum

The greatest dad I have.

Sushi! Just the purpose of photography. I didn even take a piece of it!

I took a lot of the orangy salmon , prawns , and oysters. They have cook oyster too. I have a like 3 servings. They have Tepanyaki corner too.So why not I try a few pieces of it.Now I remember how the smoke fish taste which the sauce, it so mouth watering man! The smoke fish was just nice. They were very soft, I took a lot of it. There are a lot of times when i got choke with the smoke hot Wasabi which gone up to my nose.

After satisfying eating all those cuisine they I intend to eat. I decided to have some dessert. I walked to the dessert corner , but all those cakes were not attractive at all , make me don’t feel like eating them. So, I get a bowl of “Ais kacang” only!

Rasa Sayang Seafood Cuisine

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

After the first day of school holidays, which was Saturday, my cousin Invited us to Rasa Sayang Spice Market for dinner.For your information Rasa Sayang only serve seafood cuisine only on Saturday night. There was once ,We went on weekdays and they served Mediterranean food, which was almost the same as Malaysian food. It was not nice. No wounder the price cheaper a lot.

My cousin works in Rasa Sayang , so that is why she can get discount.It was much cheaper! Whee~~~

The moment we got out place. Without hesitation , Immediately walk to hunt for seafood. wow, I saw many expensive seafood. They served crab, lobster, muscles, reddy prawns!! So yummy mann!

They did have Japanese food corner too. I took a plate of salmon.

How was my salmon decoration! It looks so orange. Imagine when you eat the salmon with the green wasabi, oh…it is so yummy

This is bake-cheese lobster! I know cheese is fattening, but believe me you have to try this !

Oh mann. this is muscles! not the human muscles okay! It is a seafood.It is delicious! Especially when you squeeze some lime on it and some chilly sauce, but you can not eat too much too.

know what, after eating so many muscles, I went to toilet four times. My buttock was going to burst into pieces! :)

My cousin

My lovely dad. Busy eating, no time to look at the camera pun!

Who is this? Do I need to introduce?

My dearest mummy. Pretty not my mum ..XDDD

Seafood in Batu Maung

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

My family and I went to a eat seafood at Batu Maung. We seldom go to Teluk kumbar, but we very seldom go to Batu Maung.

There were lots of people waiting for tables and it was very crowded as workers and customers were walking about. We are lucky enough to get an empty table.The waiter recommend us some popular dishes we they served.

I have no idea what does this call? Can anyone tells me?

I drank two glasses of white wine. I don’t really like the taste of it. It was a bit sour.