Christmas Eve’s Dinner

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Every year’s Christmas eve I definitely will go out and chill with all my friends.I started to chill with friends during Christmas eve ever since I entered my high school.This year was a little different as I celebrated with my family.

Christmas Dinner(2011)

Through all these years I’ve been chilling a lot with my friends.We bought boxes of spray,and we started to to spray with each other.This is what we called Malaysia-style Christmas eve celebration,everybody is hoping to have snow over here,unfortunately it is almost impossible.

We can only trigger the spray in the air to create the atmosphere and have the snow feeling.It was so sticky as the whole body was full of, kinda like the soap that we use to bath and lots of bubbles all around thee body.Who cares,we were prepared to be sweaty,stinky and dirty.I’ve doing the same thing since I entered my High School.After that,I did not play with all these thing anymore.

I’ve grown up a little bit older,but that did not consider matured.We were this gang of guys having a stay during the Christmas eve.We did what teenager not supposed to do.We drank liquor which contained 40 percent of alcohol,it was my first time.We kinda like play card games,and the loser will have to bottoms up.I shall reveal this secret as I’ve never thought of revealing to others, but since it had passed so many years,so one of my friend’s asked me to try a few puff of smoke and yes,I did try it and i knew it will never happen in my life again,but its undeniable it was so addictive.

I celebrated with my ex-girlfriend during the eve, last year.Since then, I felt reluctant to go to all the crowded place anymore.As i know how to drive,when you see such a massive jam,you tend to avoid them and since then i told myself to have a simple Christmas dinner at a cafe and or chill in the bar with friends is consider quite a happening Christmas dinner already.

This year, I celebrated with my family in a Chinese Restaurant,a simple dinner yet an enjoyable one.It was a restaurant within 5 minutes from my house.

Christmas Dinner(2011)

Christmas Dinner(2011)

This is the roasted dumpling.
Christmas Dinner(2011)

I need to wrap up the dumpling with it and dip some sauce in it,and when you bit it you can feel the crispness of the dumpling and the sauce slowly melt and flow to your throat.

Christmas Dinner(2011)

This is how it looks when you put all the ingredients all together on it

Christmas Dinner(2011)

Christmas Dinner(2011)

Christmas Dinner(2011)

It was me with my new clothes and I did a little change on that day i changed my big round spectacles which i normally don’t wear.

Christmas Dinner(2011)

Mum was enjoying her wine. We always love to have wine during our family dinner.

Christmas Dinner(2011)

Oh no, dad was about to bite the entire thing.

Christmas Dinner(2011)

Grandpa did not smile but i knew he was happy inside his heart.

Christmas Dinner(2011)

It was my dessert.I love the peanut butter flavour,althought it was a little salty in it.It was the” yuen” inside.I did not know how to call it in English.

18th Birthday

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Nothing special happened on my birthday, except a lot of text messages came in.

Mum suggested to have dinner with my aunt at Butterworth to have seafood.

We headed to Butterworth seaside :)

18th birthday

I like to shot. I shoot this photo using raw!


How does the cake look like?


18th birthday

Aunty Bought Birthday Cake. It was quite many years , I did not have my own birthday cake .

18th birthday
That’s me with my birthday Cake. I guess is my first photo of me with birthday cake since I was a small little kid.

18th birthday

This is my kong kong.  Happy -gold -lucky person :)


My lovely aunty who bought the birthday cake for me! What a nice aunty I have


18th birthday
Lastly, she is my mom. She is the one who take care of me for the last 17 years. I also wanna take this opportunity to thanks my daddy.

Love dad and Mum,

from, Yang.

Reunion Dinner

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Every Chinese is having reunion dinner with their family on Chinese New year’s eve. Whenever you walk at shopping mall’s car park you will definitely hear Chinese new year song. Advertisement also related to Chinese New year. Somehow i do not have any Chinese New year feel.I guess it is partly cause’ I had grown up. When I passed by MPH bookstore, The television is playing the Lion Dance Troupe Competition, It made me feel I am young little boy again. I have tons of Lion dance video CD and i watch it every single day when i was young. I know almost the step and the tempo of the drum. Dad bought a few of lion heads , I still keep it at the top of my cardboard.

Many Chinese make it at a routine to pray their ancestors on Chinese New years eve.My family and I went to temple to pray my grandma who passed away three years ago.There were packed with lots of people and you can feel the heat inside the temple. It was very humid. Hot air blown from outside. Contact lens helps to prevent our eyes from smoke going in to our eyes.The atmosphere fill with jokes and laughter. Old aunties will chit chat about what they are going to prepare during the night’s reunion dinner.When i am bored , I will walk around the temple to look about the new death lot. Grandpa will tears every visit to temple when is time to pray my grandma.It was emotional for him.Browsing through my photos , I will realised I took photos in the same temple repeated same scene same angle, It was like taking an object again and again, no wonder I have so many overlapping temple’s photo .

After we had done praying grandma, we headed to grandpa house. We eat all those left over dish which we use to pray grandma. Drinking home cooked not very tasty soup , I feel yummy cause it satisfied my taste bud.It was just a few simple dished it satisfied and fulled my stomach. Flicking through newspaper which was outdated , while sitting on the Sofa.I can feel my back is sweating , although the fan was switched on. The hall was so quiet , only the television was making the noise.When times up we will just say good bye to my aunties and my grandpa.

Taking a bath to refreshed myself. Have the air conditioned switched on before I had my bath, so when i walk into my room i can straight away sleep like a dead pig on the bed. No alarm is set. Mum will wake me up when times up. It should be around 6 something to get up, to get myself ready for the reunion dinner.My contact lens was dry , cause’ of just woke up.Mum and Dad went out first cause I am going out after the reunion dinner. Definitely not clubbing ! not gathering with friend. so what else? I went to Than Lin every year. It is like a association of Buddhist which is located near my house. It is at the top of the shop house. So, every year there will be a chanting ceremony on the new years eve. I’m not very holly about religion but if it is once a year , why not ? I drove my car to grandpa house.

By the time I reached at grandpa’s house it was already 8.00p.m. I was quite surprise. They was just getting ready to put some of the raw dished into the soup. My aunt prepare one with Tom Yam soup which is spicy and the other one is non-spicy soup. My tongue seems to have hate Tom Yam soup for no reason on that night.
Taking out my SLR to take some photos. It did not give me any freshness to take photo anymore. Taking photo of the food and with all the steamboat thingy is what i do every single year. So, I took less photos .The abalone was nice which my aunt bought it from Hong kong, of course It taste different from the can food one.

Again! Again ! Again! sitting on the Sofa drinking the “longan” drinks. Drink half way, The door bell was rang. My cousin they all came.The house filled with jokes and laughter again. Now the house is quite noisy. I had some camera conversation with my cousin . He just came back from Abu Dahbi where he works there half year ago.


More updates coming up :)

Friends Gathering

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

It was way back to last month when two of my friends were leaving for their further studies.

He is Ee Teng and Shi Jie. Ee Teng , Who is leaving to Singapore . Shi jie is leaving to Uk.

So , we have this photo session . I was not from their class , but I did bring mu camera so why not helping them to take photo with their classmate :)

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Happy Chinese New year 2010.

Happy Tiger year. May your dreams come true.

Hows your CNY? Get a lot of ang pao? I guess u did right?

Let have some photo shoot with family members.