Hi, guys. I’m Alvin here, the author of Alvinyang’s blog.Thanks for visiting my blog and willing to spend your precious time to read up my blog post.I was born in Penang,Malaysia.For now, Im taking Multimedia Design course at The One Academy.Basically, my blog is mainly about my daily life and also put in my thoughts on it.

This blog was started when one of my high school best friend influenced me to create a blog in year 2006.So, I thought it might be fun having a little corner to share my life and thoughts with others.I started blogging with the platform of blogger .

Since my readers over my site is growing rapidly, I thought I’d start my blog with a web hosting platform.So, i can have my own storage of stuff within my own at my website.

This blog needs your help to get to the right readers. There are no major media out there other than some blogs, that I can use to promote this site. You, the readers will be the one that can recruit more readers. Please spread the words out to everyone you know who might be interested in reading the life style of mine.