Departure to Singapore

I was proud to be invited by nickchan to Singapore for the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards which is sponsored by Nuffnang.I was long time never kept in touch with my blog. I guess I was kind of lazy to blog and maybe lack of interest for that short period. Never mind readers I am back now and I promise you guys I will continue blogging consistently wont blog half way and stop . I actually did not know about this until he asked me whether I am interested or not. Hell yes! I am interested!

“Hey, tell me when you wanna buy your D90?Buy it this few days la !”

” Why suddenly ask me go buy”

” You been to Singapore before?”

“Yea, twice”

“I wan invite you to Singapore”

I was so on top of the world!

” How much”

” It is all free !”

” You faster decide and I wanna boom air ticket . You let me know by today!”

Okwill let you know!

Wow, I immediately rush to mum’s room and asked her for the permission to go Singapore and I told mum that it is all free just have to pay for the air ticket cause there is not direct bus from Penang to Singapore and it is not worth taking bus to Kuala Lumpur meet Nuffnangers and then from there only go Singapore! If we choose to meet them at KL we have to actually go a day earlier to KL which is totally not worth!It sounded quite convincing! Mum finally say YES!

Greedy me asked mum one more thing which I wanted very long!

” Mummy ar.. Abo this few days I go buy the camera . Can ar !”

” You go count the amount of the money which you sold for your Camera and gears”

” So sad I took out all my saving out and gave it all to mum to bank in !”

” Mum say OK and will issue the cheque this few days.”

This was also the chance for me to buy a new camera which I wanted all the while! Thanks Nick!

Morning 7.15 – Dad fetched me to the airport. Nick reached the airport and was already waiting for me at the check in counter!

I was careless enough for not bringing my toothbrush! No worries I bought it at the airport

I was not really that excited when I stepped to the airport, I just don’t know why!

Waiting at the air ticket counter!

Nick’s parents ordered me a Mac D breakfast and a cup of coffee before we entering the gate!

I wasted the coffee . I don’t know how to drink coffee one! Dad helped me drink a small cup!

Queening up to the airplane! ( oops. Spelling error for the above Photo- Departure !)

I was kinda excited when I walking in to the airplane. The last time I sat airplane was way back to last year during the trip to US.

Finally we reached at Changi airport after boarding at the airplane for approximately one and a half hour!

Nick’s brother will meet us at the airport.

Stay tune!