Teacher’s Day

Recall back post. This is the teacher’s day post which happened few months back. We just chilled the whole day in school. Running class to class to take photos with teachers and friends.

Omg. I know this three photos look silly and girlish. How do u guy feel? It was my friend fault asked me post some silly post!

This is Chong Fatt my closest friend in my class. We always joke and discuss homework. We sometimes will discuss about designing as we love fashion design. He always draw all those sketches during lessons. His sketches was nice.

Similar type of specs! I felt that we look alike ?LOL

My classmates were having a fun time in class. There jump , they joke , they shout!

I went to my friend’s class. His class was practically wet. They must be playing with water. Every class was so active with their own method of playing. Some even mix food and drinks together and play truth or dare which is ridiculous. I even heard some class they pour the whole plate of been hoon mee into their friend’s pants.

At the end of the day, we started to feel bored. I suggest to play with my wireless flash.

See my friend joey! He act as if he is poser!

He is my formal classmate when I was in form one. He asked me to help him take photo. I was surprised that he actually read my blog , he requested to post his photo to my blog. So here it is!