17th Birthday Dinner

Last Friday My family and I went to Cititel hotel to eat Japanese food. It was actually to replaced my birthday dinner cause during my birthday I have my school test.

I don’t like the environment and the atmosphere of the place.A lot senior citizen came to eat. All aunty and uncle came to eat. They give 50% discount to senior citizen. All the while I go to evergreen hotel to eat Japanese food, So this time mum said have some changes.

It was quite noisy and did not give a cozy feeling at all.All the aunty and uncle talk loudly! It gave me a rather a food court feeling.

My Favorite Prawns. I ate a lot of shashimi and salmon too.

There were not much of choices! I took some cook food.

I love oyster! Especially when u squeeze some lime on it. Damn delicious!

Another mini birthday cake for myself!