Old Folks Home Outing

Last Week ,my club which is leo club have an outing to Old Folks Home at Relau,Penang.I reached school very early cause i remember Nicholas told me 8.00 the bus will arrive at school,but end up all the members arrived at sch at about 9a.m. then only the bus came.

The bus took about 20 minutes to reach the Old Folks Home.
Old Folks Home

Me and Uncle
By right i have to prepare some stuff for the old people before i visits them,but them i forgot to bring.They prepared 20 packets of Ang Pau for the old people by using Club fund.I took of it to give to the old people.
Uncle Doing Work
Look at old man,he was putting the pin into the paper file.
Paper File Holder
I faster put down my camera and started to fix the pins into the hole of the file.Wow ,We took about 10-15 minutes to complete everything.It was quite fast i guess.
Old Folks Home Aunty
After that,we talk to the old ah pek and ah ma.They can talk .Talk about their life,about what they did last time,many things.W try to talk as much as we can to them.I found that they have more stories to tell than us.
Pineapple Head
Took this photo at there.I am pineapple? Wanna eat me?

  • JerryTai

    good good..but..can i donwan to eat tht pineapple?haha

  • K3ViN

    what a nice job…. visit old folk… keep it up…. visit more old folk house…..

  • Syelynn Ng

    Yang, this is a very good charity work, lend a helping to the needy and share their stories! Keep it up!