Holidays Activities


Woke up at 10.00a.m.After having my breakfast,i quickly go to bath coz..after that i’m going to gurney plaza,Penang.My intention to go to gurney plaza was actually to cut my hair at Extreme,which is a quite popular hair saloon shop among the teenagers in Penang.
Here are some pic of me:



So,after that me and my best buddy,Nicholas and his brother went to watch a chinese blockbuster which title as:

A Battle Of Wits

A summary review for this movie:

Based on a popular 11-volume manga series from Japan titled ‘Bokko’. Set back in the Warring States in 243 BC, China was torn among seven states. Smaller states often fell prey to larger and stronger ones as their ambitious rulers strived endlessly for expansion through invasion. State Yan was one of those unfortunate victims, with State Zhao eyeing them to feast on. To win though, they knew they had to take City Liang, on the outskirts of State Yan, in order to win the battle.

City Liang, population four thousand, was ruled by King Liang. Mostly farmers and civilians, the residents had no experience in fighting a war. King Liang’s only chance of survival was to seek external help – the “Mozi Warrior”, who was renowned for his war-winning tactics.

This “saviour” was a ragged, unkempt fighter and no knight in shining armer. But the people of the City had to count on him for their future.

p/s:Honestly this movie was quite interesting and also touching.

After that.My buddy,nicholas.come to my house to have a one night stay.On that night,we did a podcast about Nicholas’s trip at Bangkok.For more information for the podcast you guys can check it out at


Wednesday which is today,actually i didn expect to go to football with my friend which is at the indoor stadium,but my mum call me to go coz…she said that i stay at home also nothing to do.well,i reached at the indoor stadium about was a good match coz..i score plenty of goal and the game ended at around 3.30..By the time i reached home was around 4.00p.m.,take a bath den sit down blogging.Tired man……..