Journey to United Kingdom

#september 12.2013

Im leaving to UK Mum and dad, bye :(

It was my first time leaving my hometown, Penang to further my study at a country which is so far away.

I knew everything will be on my own.

Going over there with Nicholas as we study at the same university, Northumbria University.

Nearly 12 hours of flight. This was how he killed his boredom .

Finally we’ve arrived at London, Heathrow Airport safe and sound.

This was the other bunch of my college friends who boarded the same flight as me who sat way in front of me on the plane.

Everybody is going to travel to different parts of UK.

Can’t wait to have my first meal at London

Sunny eggs +  toasted bread + grilled bacon + red beans

Boarded a three hours train to Newcastle from the King’s cross station.


Geo Voice

Aanother Ipad app to be design.

It was a BBC project that require us to think of how the app that we created allow people can give their global voice towards the news.

I am still working out the layout of the design layout.


Unforgettable day

Vege & slice patatoes + tomoto & eggs + rice

A bunch of friends came to surprise while I was sleeping.

I did not lock my door while I was sleeping and suddenly they came in and I jumped up from the bed.

It was a unforgettable day after so many months staying in UK.

I am old now, or I should say i’ve grown older by one year !

Happy 22th birthday !





It is my first time doing an app.

I have zero experience for doing an app.

It is quite experimental and fundamental for this semester as I am doing something I’ve never done before.

Leave my comfort zone for now !

What do you think my app look?

If you wanna try my app, here is the link –

p/s : Paste the link to safari and add it to your home screen.


Fried nOOdle

New recipe in the house.

Plain noodle + 2 eggs + Sambal